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WHS Alumni 30 Year Club Events

30 Year Club Dinner, June 2, 2016
30 Year Club Dinner, June 5, 2015

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30 Year Club Dinner, June 5, 2014
30 Year Club Dinner, June 6, 2013

30 Year Club Alumni Mailing June 3rd, 2014
Thanks to eveyone who volunteered for the mailing of the 2014 30 year dinner!
30 Year Club Alumni dinner June 3rd, 2012 (Slide Show)
30 Year Club Alumni dinner June 3rd, 2011 (Slide Show)
Memorial Day Parade, 2012 (Slide Show)
Memorial Day Parade, 2011
John Snouffer, Bill Pfefferle, Kristen O'Keefe, Bob McBride, Harlan Snouffer, Jeeny Clark Spangler, Nick Norman, Cindy Evans Craig, Mike Schwartz, Ada Beatty Stragand, Ann Trout Norman, Kathy Bruno, Dan Owen, Maris Bennington Clary, Linda Shufflebarger Vanfleet, Diane Blain, Virginia Hetrick Dill, Paul Chambers, Nancy Sensel Leach, Susan Plaisted, Barbara Laing Taylor, Howdy Lamprecht, Sue Smith Rutter, Mark Cameron
Dinner Letter Mailing, April 5, 2011
Envolope Stuffing
TK Cellar, '70, Pam Galipault '64, Dick Baker '62, Pat Cole Rose '62
Envolope Stuffing
Niki Gnezda '69, Amy Bonnell Young '73, Dan Miller '71, Marti Hill Schoener '71
Envolope Stuffing
Maris Bennington Clary '57, Elinoir Dixon Loos '57, Karen Sohner German '57
Envolope Stuffing
John Condit '50, Norma Bachelor Kayati '50, Marcie Jacobs Black '50
Envolope Stuffing
Harlan Snouffer '51, Myrt Griffith Harnack '51, Virginia Hetrick Dill '46
Envolope Stuffing
Julia Sonner Sheppard '62, Bill Pfefferle '72
Envolope Stuffing
Pam Humpleby Zych '68, N. Gnezda
Envolope Stuffing
B. Pfefferle, Alison Collmer Blazer '71, P. Zych, N. Gnezda



30 Year Club Dinner, June 4, 2010
Eudora Ward Shoemaker, Class of 1936 is given a special award
Eudora Ward Shoemaker 
 30 Yr. Club Pres. John Snouffer introduces
Eudora and her sister Clarissa
John presents Eudora a little gift
Eudora and her daughter Krista Nesser
Oh no, Eudora's nephew George
didn't know anything about this, ha !
 France belt smith and daughter Patty Smith McEowen
Clarisaa Ward Noethlich, France Belt Smith,
Eudora Ward Shoemaker
Patty Smith McEowen and Julie Scofield Hubbard
Some of the 325 in attendance.
Clarissa Noethlich and son George
Memorial Day Parade, 2010
Mark Cameron, Diane Blain, Dick Baker, Linda Schuffleberger  Van Fleet, Karen German, Marti Hill Schoener, Ann Trout Norman, John  Snouffer, Nick Norman, Harlan Snouffer, Rick Schuker, Paul Chambers,  Howdy Lamprecht, Bill Pfefferle, Nancy Sensel Leach. Top- Kristen Celler  O'Keefe, Cindy Evans Craig, Barbara Laing-Taylor (nip- Dan Owens)



30 Year Club Dinner, June 5, 2009
President John Snouffer addresses alumni
School Board Pres. David Bressman and
30 Yr. Club Sec., Niki Gnezda recognize the Class of 1959
Melissa Long Goers, 1963 graduate
receives the
"Outstanding Alumni Award"
for 2009



Memorial Day Parade 2009
Susie Bonnell, Class of '64
 Maris Bennington Clary, '57 and Niki Gnezda, '69
Diane Blain, '75 and Susan Plaistad, '68
Memorial Day Parade 2008






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